Kraft Paper – Essential Supplies for Picture Frame Makers

Kraft PaperIf you make your own picture frames, either as a hobby or as a profession, then you know that it takes a variety of different materials. Depending on how intricate you want a frame, you may add additional materials to the body of the frame itself. Then there are the clips, hanging stubs, screws, backing, and more that go into it. Kraft paper is a highly useful tool for picture frame makers because it provides an affordable but durable way to back the pictures within the frame, keeping them flat against the glass of the frame and providing support so that they don’t fall out. Here, we’ll go over some basic information about this type of paper, as well as how to use it in your custom frames.

Kraft paper is made from softwood chemical pulp. This means that it is taken from conifer trees, which have a type of pulp that is easier to work with. Chemical pulp refers to a process that combines wood chips and chemicals to break down lignin in the wood, which binds the cellulose together. This process is also known as the kraft process, hence the term for this particular type of paper.

Kraft paper is quite strong and somewhat coarse, making it ideal for applications like grocery bags, envelopes, and other types of packaging where a more durable type of paper is needed. Kraft processed paper is naturally brown in color, but it can be bleached and dyed to achieve a number of different looks. The reason it is used in making frames is because it provides a cheap, durable solution for picture backing.

When several sheets are pressed together it forms a solid card that can apply pressure against the picture, but has enough give so that it does not push too hard. This makes it ideal for framing paintings, because too much pressure against the back of the painting could push it into the frame and damage it, whereas kraft paper provides a small amount of malleability. If you are interested in making your own frames as a casual hobby, or if you already own a framing business, then you would do well to use this unique type of paper in your frames. It looks and feels professional, and provides a cheap and reliable way to hold pictures in place without the possibility of damaging them or becoming damaged itself.

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